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100% Natural | 0% GMO | 0% Additives

5x Nutrients

Each Quail Egg Yolks Contains Lecithin > 5%

I always let him sniff packages he gets. And this one instead of taking a sniff, he couldn't resist and tried to take a bite of it! 🤣 That shows how much he likes it. He's normally a very picky eater. So, we will definitely be getting more of this delicious and healthy treats for him! Thank you so much!

Val Newgen

My cat goes absolutely crazy over these! I crush one up and put it on his food and give them to him as a treat as well. Definitely will be reordering when I run out.

Stephanie Burgard

My pup loves these so much!! She gets really excited when I bring them out. She's a super picky eater but when we sprinkle this on her kibble she'll finish her meal! :)

Jennifer Lee